Reflecctions of Victoria Quijano

All artistic creation is irrational and therefore all judgment of art is irrational as well. Art is situated in an area outside of logic, much like heroism or love.


But solely with the will to create we will not get very far. It requires additional elements like for example trust in the first impression. This is invaluable and permits often to grasp the true nature of things and concepts.


“I have stopped to permit that things affect me” is a wise phrase which paves the way and which assures the psychological aid to sense happiness with the smell of the sea, with music or with colours.


Thus one will be able to enter into the school of deep impressions and develop the creative element.


Thus the term creator signifies creative work filled with will and intention: bring to light or show what was dark and dormant.


Therefore I have searched for a spiritual basis, the cultural and the economical basis and the elements which are derived from the life of forms and structures.


In every new theme there exist sufficient elements of previous themes and the actual includes the seed of the future.


With the selection of materials starts the realization of an idea. With the space begins the organization and composition of an idea.


I hope the language of the elements is sufficiently clear, so that it becomes understandable what I want to express. Then this in my eyes is a success.